Видео: Garuda Feather Creation MuOnline Relic 2018

Mu Online- Creating higher magic stones & Garuda's feather

This is my first attempt at making Garuda's feather, enjoy :) also #joinhardstyle.

Relic Mu Season 13 Episode 2 - Garuda Feather and New Wing Mix

Full guide how to mix new Season 13 wings. Only at http://www.relicmu.com.

4th Wing Creation | Garuda´s Feather !! - Muonline Webzen SS13.2

Que tal muchachos, veamos como nos va con la creacion de alas de 4to nivel. Gogo!! ✔ Canal de Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv ...

Mu Online Season 15 Part1 Creating Condor Feather 15% Success

Mu Online Season 15 Part1 Creating Condor Feather 15% Success Visit: https://www.pacific.mu/#/ FB: ...

Crear Garuda Feather y Wings S4 - Muonline Season 13.2

Como andan? les dejo esta guia para aprender a crear la Garuda Feather, y crear con ella las alas Wings S4 WEB: ...

Miracle Box Shop Season 13 Relic MuOnline 2018

Relic MuOnline Miracle Box Shop Exchange tutorial. You will be able to exchange all kinda or Rare item Tickets found in Mu ...

Making Condor Feather and 3 lvl wings

Game website: http://mu.egames.gs/index.php?page=news 2nd Mu web: http://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=news.

Mu Online- bawss first attempt at 4th wing creation

This is my first attempt at creating the 4th class wing. Enjoy! FYI the song is called Losing It by Fisher.

Mu Online- creating errtel of radiance rank 3 PART 1

Well, I did what I sometimes do (way too often) and spent entirely too much on the season 12 events. I ended up with far too many ...

Creating Condor Feather and wing level 3 Pandora MU

1-creating weapon for making wing level 1 2-creating wing level 1 3-creating wing level 2 4-creating condor feather 5-creating ...

BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel, Awakening - MuOnline Season 13 Relicmu 2018

Here is some short video how to make a new Awakening items on Relic MuOnline. Its very shortened version, because it will take ...

Mu Online - Garuda Feather

Como criar Garuda's Feather !

Create wing level 4 MU online ss13

For create wing level 4 you need : 1 Garuda's Flame ( drop in swap darkens ) 1 Garuda's Feather ( you make it if you dont know ...

MU Online Game Mechanics Episode 3: Create 4th Level Wings

4th Level Wing formula = Garuda's Flame + Garuda's Feather + 50 Golden Crest + 30 Jewel of Bless + 30 Jewel of Soul + 30 ...

Xoay Lông 4 MU Online season 13 - Garuda feather

Hướng dẫn xoay lông 4 - Garuda Feather MU Online season 13 . Công thức xoay Garuda feather: + Wing 3 +13 trở lên + 30b, 30s ...

MuFly.su MuOnline Season 13 [Bound] Magic Lock [Bind] 2st Wings MIX [Bind] 3st Wings MIX

MuFly.su MuOnline Season 13 [Bound] Magic Lock [Bind] 2st Wings MIX [Bind] 3st Wings MIX.

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