Видео: Smappee Installation Step 2: Connect to WiFi

The Smappee Infinity physical installation

Thanks to its compact hardware, our new #energymanagement solution Smapppee Infinity fits into almost any distribution panel ...

Step 2) Connecting theMinder to your network

Once you are connected to theMinder for the 1st time you will now be able to connect it to your desired WiFi network and away ...

Smappee Installation Step 3: Install next to Fusebox

This video describes how to install your Smappee energy monitor next to your fusebox (mono-phased installation). This is the ...

Installatie Smappee energiemonitor

Sinds 2 weken gebruik ik de Smappee energiemonitor. In deze video leg ik de installatie en configuratie uit.

Infinity Installation - Step 4: Smappee cloud connection

Connect your installation to the Smappee cloud through Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular network.

Infinity Installation - Step 3: Physical installation

Carry out the required steps for the physical installation of the Smappee Infinity.

Smappee Installation Step 1: Download the App

This video describes how to download the Smappee app (available for Android and iOS) and create a username and a password.

Geo Internet Bridge & Geo Solo II connecting to the internet

0:00 -Unplug the bridge from the mains. -Hold down the – and + button both together on the display until you see [PAIRMODE].

Smappee Installation Step 4: Change Location and Share Data

This video describes (1) how to change your location in the Smappee app to the code on your Smappee box and (2) how to share ...

How to Connect the Smappee Energy Monitor to SmartThings

The Smappee Energy Monitor makes managing energy consumption within your home simple and straightforward when paired to ...

Infinity Installation - Step 1: Planning and site preparation.

Determine the complete monitoring solution. This consists of listing all the loads that need to be measured, their properties ...

Infinity Installation - Step 6: Validation of the installation

Validate the correct operation of the monitoring solution, using the Smappee App and the Smappee Dashboard. https://dashboard ...

Infinity Installation - Troubleshooting and addendum

Experiencing installation issues? Consult our troubleshooting and find out more about the Smappee Infinity colour codes and Wi ...

Part 1: Installing NILMTK

ATTENTION: There is a new installation method that can be used instead. You'll find it here: ...

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