Видео: Swapping the Honda Logo's engine First time doing a swap

My Honda Logo B16a1

The First start after fitting the engine no cat/exhaust fitted.


Honda Civic Build Episode 8 - Finally after 1 year since we bought the Honda Civic, the B18 engine swap is finally done and ...

Restoring the Honda Logo!!

https://www.waxandaway.co.uk/ https://instagram.com/imagewindowtint?igshid=19nn5h260nqma Keep up to date by checking out ...

The Truth About The Honda Logo!

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PCM SWAP Honda Accord 1999

Tool use MaxiSys 908 Pro in this video I program a key with the LOGO ilco for the first time! this type of Key is used by REPO ...

The Honda Glanza V / Logo Review

In this video I review a Honda Logo that will very soon be for sale! (When it is ill link it here)The cars engine swapped and the most ...

Starting the King Motorsports engine swap Lola CRX for the first time.

This d16a6 was built by king motorsports before being pulled for a different drivetrain. I picked it up to replace my 215000 mile ...

Honda Civic Build Log 8 - Inspected, Insured, and Registered!

In this video I just update you guys on whats going on and about the things that have been happening. Got it Registered, Stickered ...

Honda Logo D16Z6 VS Honda Civic B16A2

Long live the SOHC VTEC yo…


I know how it looks now but wait till i start working :D Vinnys Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2hzz0LeMZM Keep up to ...


We were searching a Project Car since day one, but we didn't find quite what we wanted. This one is the perfect platform and ...

Honda Logo 1.3i Turbo Sleeper 0-230 @18psi test (Hungary)

D14 forged engine internals y8 head crower stage2 cam Custom skunk2pro intake, skunk2 68mm TB Psycho Turbo Garage ...

Carl's Honda Logo

D15 del sol turbo engine.

Red Honda Logo Pt.2

Hopefully for anyone that is converting their regular Honda logo to a Type R one, this video would be able to help people with ...

Introducing my new daily | ZS 190 swapped Dayang

So I finally have a replacement for my old moped. Here is an introduction of my ZS190 swapped Dayang "Flash"

Honda logo d16

Swap honda logo d13 na d16 przyspieszenie.

CUMMINS Swapping a 6.4 Ford! Engine Install and Suspension! Fummins Build Pt.8!

We're back to work on the Fummins Build making huge progress by finishing the engine and getting it mated to the trans and ...

Honda LOGO VTEC Acceleration

My Honda Logo GA3 with new mod :P D16Y8 engine,Logo tranny...0-130.

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